Arena ChMS by Shelby Systems is a proven leader in church management. We've worked with many churches to sculpt Arena's capabilities to meet their needs, whether through templates, modules or custom development.

Our Services Include...

Custom Templates

Need to make your public Arena driven pages match your website design? Building custom Arena templates is one of our specialties. Our standard price for most templates is $3506.

All-Access Module Subscription

We've prebuilt some great looking and easily customizable solutions to get the most out of Arena. All of these solutions are available for a monthly subscription of $199 per month with no contract.

Account Management Suite
Tokenized Login
Advanced Assignments Suite
Benevolence Tracking
Mobile Check-in
Community Modules (FREE!)
Custom Registration
My Registrations
Custom Promotions
Custom Forms
Person Badges
Family Registration
Flat File Importer
Member Directory
Member Registration
Group Leader Toolbox
Group Locator
Mission Suite
Online Giving Suite
Contribution Importer
Volunteer Management Suite
Serving Opportunity Finder
Clearstream SMS
Eventbrite Sync

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Shelby Arena Services

Use our team to get Arena doing what you need it to do. From reports, to configuration, to module implementation this plan will help you get the most out of Arena.

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Shelby Arena Custom Development

Our custom development services provide the power and flexibility your ministry is looking for. We develop integrations, enhance your reporting, and automate processes that solve pain points and empower your staff. Development contracts include dedicated chat access for continuous communication.

Let us show you how to get the most out of Arena.

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10 hours/month

$1595 Monthly

20 hours/month

$3034 Monthly

30 hours/month

$4346 Monthly

10 hours/month

$1504 Monthly

20 hours/month

$2882 Monthly

30 hours/month

$4156 Monthly

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Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have about our pricing and plans. Let us help you find the one that fits your needs.

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