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Rock RMS Services

We specialize in making Rock RMS perfect for your church or organization. Offering a wide variety of services, including migration, training, and support, we provide our clients with the best solutions at budget-friendly rates.

As a part of our solutions we contribute a portion of every Rock RMS plan back to Spark Development Network. We encourage you to read more about Spark and their mission to revolutionize church management.

What is Rock RMS?

Rock RMS is an open source CMS, Relationship Management System (RMS) and Church Management System (ChMS) all rolled into one.


Rock RMS Setup & Migration

Start with confidence! Choose any of our packages to help you start with Rock the right way.

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Migration Options

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Rock RMS Training

Customized training from experts with a combined 55 years of ministry planning and process.
We'll put together a solution designed to work for you.

Training Options

All packages are four hours of in-depth training unless otherwise noted.


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Rock RMS Support

Rock is awesome. It's even better when you've got someone to back you up. Choose one of our packages to ensure that your church has top notch support for your Rock installation. We've got you covered.

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Per Incident

$95 /incident

Email or Live
Open Incident
Email Champ

$200 /month for 12 months

Unlimited Email
1 Hour Live
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Phone a Friend

$450 /month for 12 months

Unlimited Email
10 Hours Live
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Ready for Anything

$650 /month for 12 months

Unlimited Email
20 Hours Live
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Rock RMS Development

Kingdom First Solutions offers development contracting, primarily in the form of monthly contracts. We offer diverse cost saving packages to help fit your church’s needs and budget.

  • Rock Theme Design Whether you want to use Rock RMS for your website, or just for giving, we'll make it match your church's design and brand.

  • Rock Jobs Marrying Rock's powerful workflow engine with a custom job makes even the most intricate business process a breeze.

  • Workflows The workflow engine is one of the most powerful features of Rock RMS. Let us automate your processes so you can focus on ministry.

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$125 /hour

*Subject to availability
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$550 /month for 12 months

*Migration consulting only
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20 hours/month

$2080 /month for 12 months

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40 hours/month

$3960 /month for 12 months

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