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We specialize in making Rock RMS perfect for your church or organization. Let us help you get the most out of your investment.

Our Services Include...

Data Migration

Every organization is different with unique processes and ministry approaches. Rock is extremely flexible: it can be configured and customized to meet most requirements. Our approach starts by taking your Go-Live priorities, skills, desire, and ability to participate in the process, with our knowledge of best practices and Rock Migration experience to craft a custom migration approach and timeline to accommodate internal church resource constraints, to deliver a manageable Rock product moving forward.

Standard Systems including Arena, CCB, PCO, and Fellowship One:

Other systems and CSV’s can be accommodated! Talk to us and let’s figure it out together.

Migration & Add-ons Selected Total: $0.00

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Complete Install

We will manage the entire process including Azure credit process, VM provision, SQL provision, Rock install and setup. You’ll be ready to engage your congregation from day one. This is the one-stop kick-start for getting up and running in Rock. Additionally, you will completely own and control your data with full administrative access to your system. Pair it with our Migration Services and a Rock Service agreement for a comprehensive Rock solution for your church.

Included Elements

  • Our Perfect Rock Install
  • PCI Compliance Configuration
  • Essential Services Integration
  • Public Page Configuration
  • Set up Check-in for a single Campus
  • Simple Financial Dashboard including weekly giving, first time givers and large gifts.
  • Small Group Configuration for a single Group Type
  • Group Finder setup using one of our 3 layouts
  • Group Leader Toolbox with advanced workflow
  • Simple Groups Dashboard
  • Email template
  • Introduction Training 

Does not include data migration

No-Contract Rock Services

Whether you are a newbie, been around the block or a DIY'er who occasionally needs a little help, we've got something for you. Our friendly, no-contract Rock services provide your ministry with essential troubleshooting, general support, how-to guidance, configuration help, workflows, updates, reporting, training and custom Lava.

10 Hour

$1324 Monthly

15 Hour

$1900 Monthly

20 Hour

$2534 Monthly


Need more or less hours? Let us know, we would love to chat with you.

  • Task time is provided as "up to." Any hours not consumed in a given month are not transferrable to future months.
  • Task time may be converted into additional 1-on-1 time if resources allow. However, 1-on-1 time cannot be converted into additional task time
  • Task time may be used to have Kingdom First Solutions perform many different RockRMS related services, including:
    • Troubleshooting and general support
    • Design/build of workflows
    • RockRMS Updates
    • RockRMS configuration
    • Advanced reporting (including SQL)
    • Custom Lava code

Managed Instance

Choose Kingdom First Solutions to be your managed instance partner. Make your RockRMS instance feel like a Software as a Service solution, with none of the compromises. Whether you are hosted on Azure, or self-hosted we will ensure your platform is up to date, monitored and protected.

Included Elements
  • Windows Updates
  • SQL Updates (if applicable)
  • RockRMS Updates 
  • 24X7 monitoring 
  • Monthly Rock Health Report 


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Customized training from experts with a combined 55 years of ministry planning and process. We will help your organization use Rock effectively saving your staff time and energy while creating a better engagement for your congregation.

Training Selected Total: $0.00

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Set Top Box Experience

Get started today with a custom experience for AppleTV or Roku. You can drive the content just like a mobile app, but targeted for the set top box. Share your vision with us and we'll make it a reality.

Website Themes

We create Rock themes for landing pages and member portals, as well as full website builds from your design or ours. Pricing starts at $855 for a Theme Polish or custom quoted for more complex designs.

Mobile Apps

Looking for a sleek new mobile app driven from Rock? We have you covered! Contact us today to find out more about enhancing your church's member and community engagement with a custom mobile app.

Custom Development

Our custom development services provide the power and flexibility your ministry is looking for. We develop integrations, build native apps, and automate processes that solve pain points and empower your staff. Development contracts include dedicated chat access for continuous communication.

Choose a Contract Length



10 hours/month

$1595 Monthly

20 hours/month

$3034 Monthly

30 hours/month

$4346 Monthly

10 hours/month

$1504 Monthly

20 hours/month

$2882 Monthly

30 hours/month

$4156 Monthly

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